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EUConsult: Managing your Mental Health and your Clients’ Mental Health

EUConsult Europe organizza webinar gratuiti, per ora, aperti a soci e non soci. Si chiamano “Catch Up & Coffee

Qui è possibile registrarsi per il prossimo evento

Ecco un sunto dell’ultimo dedicato al rapporto con i clienti. Un particolare ringraziamento a Robin Brady, presidente di EUConsult, per averne autorizzato alla diffusione.

The points below came out of an online session held by EUConsult. These suggestions were seen as relevant across contexts and seen as important tools and tricks for supporting clients and ensuring your own mental health.
Important Note: we are not mental health practitioners. If you or someone you know needs additional mental health support, please contact a qualified practitioner in your country.

Things to do to look after your own mental health:

· Manage your media in take
o Turn off news notifications on your phone.
o Mute people sharing updates or misinformation.
o Equip yourself with information from trusted sources.

· Set goals
o Think about your new routine

· Keep your mind active

· Exercise

· Distract yourself with the things you enjoy.
o find pleasure in the small things
o Take time to focus on the present

· Eat well, Sleep well.
o don’t work in your bedroom if you can help it

· Support other people & keep in touch

Things to do to look after your clients’ mental health (professional friendships):
1. Acknowledge the situation – start the conversation with people first by
acknowledging how it is for you
2. Allow time for talking about Covid-19 related issues
3. Help clients to apply for Covid-19-related money if they can get it (and this is part of
what you do)
4. Be positive: what opportunities do we have in the current situation despite the
difficulties (easier contacts, explore new ways of working, new feeling of solidarity,
crisis as a good time for fundraising, etc….)
5. Be human, be authentic
6. Greetings have changed to “stay well” or “stay healthy” – encourage these and
reflect on them



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